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07 Aug

Email marketing – a waste of time or an absolute B2B must?

Its acceptance and ease as a means of communication make email hard to ignore.  It is the most popular communication tool with over three times as many people using email versus social media. In business, potential customers are much more likely to see and read an email than say a tweet or a Facebook post.

Of course, when you send out an email campaign, not every recipient will open it. To expect them to do so who be totally unrealistic. You can, however, personalise and target your email marketing campaigns to specific audiences based on defined buyer personas you want to build relationships with.

Another big plus-point for email marketing is its cost-effectiveness.

Email offers a low budget method of regularly communicating with your target audiences. What’s more, using the right platforms you get a host of feedback data about the success of the campaign.

Again, with the right platform, you can run split tests on ‘subject’ lines to determine the best subject line to use. You can send one subject line to say 10% of your list and a second version to a different 10%; the system will then automatically select the best performing subject line to send to the remainder (80%) of your list.

Which brings us neatly on to the database. It is the key to successful email marketing and it is something you can build and develop over time. This is something you own and is arguably the most important marketing resource you have at your disposal. For 25 tips on how to grow your email database, click here…

As with any marketing communication, emails need to provide value to your audience. Their time is prized and they will quickly decide what provides value, so taking time to think about what you send out will pay dividends.

These days most email campaigns are received on mobile devices so it is critical that your email campaigns are designed with mobile in mind.

Done well, email marketing can build trust over time which will not only improve your open and read rates, but also attract new business in the long-term.

If you’d like to craft engaging email campaigns give Alan Myers a call on 0116 278 7788 or drop him an email…

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