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15 Mar

Take the leap to success…where business growth is assured

This month has seen Leapfrog embark on its 30th year in business. That in itself is quite an achievement. When we started, fax machines hadn’t been invented and in most companies the typewriter was still the dominant office machine.  Business growth, however, was still the number one goal of our clients.

It’s been an exciting ride to say the least. From day one, (with an Amstrad 1512 on my desk) we have embraced technology and change. For us, it has alway been about looking for ways change can help our clients.

Over the last ten years a sea change has occurred in B2B buying processes due to technology and the pace of change.

A Planned Approach that Delivers Growth

Over the years we’ve developed a solid process that delivers growth for our clients. We create a strategy to achieve your objectives built on understanding goals and aspirations.

The journey for a new client begins with interactive sessions which we facilitate. The aim is to evaluate your brand, its position in the market and the opportunities for growth.

We put your competitors under the microscope. Then we identify the strong and the weak to maximise your opportunities and build a springboard for you to leap ahead.

The Secret is to be Useful to All Your Buyers

Different buyer types will be interested in different information. To be successful, your business must provide useful product or service information to all the different buyer personas. To this end, we help you identify and create profiles for these different buyer personas.

This brings clarity to everybody in your organisation as they are clear who you are targeting and exactly what your buyers want. This clarity enables us to target the right people with the right information thus building trust in your brand.

A Marketing Strategy for the 21st Century

A successful B2B marketing strategy for the new millennium includes many aspects. Ongoing trade PR, blogging, email marketing, social media, case studies, videos and constant website development, all help business growth.

The strategy has to focus on building trust in your brand. You want to create a free-flowing pipeline of qualified sales leads that build into loyal customers.

Business growth from Awareness & Trust

Growth comes from new customers and happy existing customers. Without awareness, new customers will never find you. Without trust they are unlikely to make the leap of faith and partner with you.

We create useful content designed to build that awareness and trust that your potential customers will want to read, view or hear. Our goal is to make your brand visible and your voice heard in a world of information overload.

Effective Lead Generation

The marketing strategy we generate for your business will create a consistent stream of leads to fill sales funnel. Powerful content will address multiple touch points attracting customers and leading them down the path to your door.

Success based on Insight & Information

We want to make your sales team’s life easier by providing a stream of qualified leads primed to buy. This will shorten your sales cycle, improve your conversion rates and lower your acquisition costs.

Our ‘leap to success’ process is based on knowledge and understanding of your business and the markets it operates in. It is not based on a hope and a prayer. It works because it relies on facts, insight and inspiration.

If you want growth and success for your company, call us to see how we can help.

Alan Myers – 0116 278 7788



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