Interactive Advertising Agency

Building brand awareness and trust amongst target customers…

The interactive advertising agency that cares

Leapfrog is an interactive advertising agency that cares about our clients; we don’t just follow the latest trends willy nilly. And, despite what many people now claim, trade advertising still works provided it is part of a balanced marketing campaign.

The basis for all advertising is awareness. Awareness is important for your business for a few reasons:

i) Reach

To grow your business you have to consistently reach new audiences. A targeted trade advertising campaign will help achieve this.

ii) Perception

Potential customers may well be aware of your company, but may have a mis-perception of its capabilities. They perhaps see your business as too small or too big to help them. Advertising is an effective method of addressing such inaccurate brand perceptions.

iii) Trust & Credibility

Prospects need to have confidence in your business before they will commit to buy. Seeing your company regularly in the right trade journals will help build that credibility and trust in your brand.

Why does advertising work?

Successful advertising rarely succeeds through argument or calls to action. Instead, it works at an emotional level (which is the way our brains work) to engender positive feelings and memories that influence our behaviour over time. In short, positive repetition helps us remember so that when it’s decision time, guess which names we remember?

The important point is to make advertising a balanced part of an overall marketing campaign that will communicate effectively with your customers and prospects.