Case Study New Product Launch Marketing Plan For Gemini Adhesives’ capFIX

“Leapfrog made a really professional job of the new product launch for our innovative capFIX system. They not only came up with the name and the logo, but also marketed the solution through our email database and a PR campaign. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing.”

Andy Douglas Managing Director, Gemini Adhesives

What did the client want?

The spray adhesives market was controlled by the big players, however, the quality and technical specification of their products did not match those of Gemini’s Grabfast brand. The company wanted to launch a long-term solution it had developed to the industry-wide problem of capping and skirting de-bonding issues. The aim was to strengthen the brand profile of Gemini Adhesives as the leading adhesives experts, positioning it as the go-to brand for flooring contractors and shopfitters.

What did Leapfrog do?

Leapfrog quickly identified Gemini Adhesives’ strength as a thought leader in the industry. It is a company that cares passionately about the environment and the health of all those who work in the industry. These values formed the foundation for the new product launch which included:

What were the results?

“Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on our 24 page product brochure was a mammoth task and one that Leapfrog was determined to get absolutely right. It’s an indication of the quality of their work – not only tightly targeted and to the point, but also accurate and well written.

“Gemini’s marketing has been taken to a new level of professionalism. Leapfrog was responsible for the success of our capFIX branding, from the name through to the logo design and new product launch.

“Amalgamating email marketing with press releases and Leapfrog’s own eye-catching print solution the ‘leaplet’ has proved to be a winning combination. The marketing push has established capFIX as a safe, complete solution to a common problem.”

Andy Douglas
Managing Director, Gemini Adhesives

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