Case Study Leapfrog Marketing Creates The Best logistics Website Design For Powerlogic

“Our old website was dated and did not reflect the way our business has grown over the last five years. The solution logistics website design agency, Leapfrog, has created makes it very easy for visitors to our site to find exactly the information they want very quickly. It’s informative, interesting and makes a clear statement of what and how Powerlogic delivers for clients.”

Fiona Seed Director, Powerlogic

What did the client want?

Powerlogic was looking for a suitable logistics website design agency that could not only design an attractive and practical new website for the business, but also one that understood the materials handling and logistics market place.

By their nature, industrial battery change systems and charging areas can be complex. Therefore, creating a website that simply and quickly explains what Powerlogic offers is no easy matter.

What did Leapfrog do?

In order to fully understand the challenge, Leapfrog undertook a strategic issue analysis of Powerlogic before embarking on the development of the new website. The analysis revealed the importance of clarifying the benefits of manual vs. automated systems.

The solution included the development of a 3D CAD animation of the automated battery change system and a 3D CAD image of the manual battery change options.

What were the results?

“It has been a real pleasure working with Leapfrog on this project. They have made the whole process very easy indeed. The strategic issue analysis and buyer profiling enabled them to get to grips with exactly what we offer as a business. In addition, it helped us clarify our offering and be absolutely consistent with the terminology we use to market our solutions.

It was their independent view point that has enabled us to develop a powerful website which clearly communicates our complete product and service offering.

“Leapfrog is clearly passionate about its work and the relationships it builds with its clients. We quickly came to trust them and that has led to an excellent ongoing working relationship with this first-class logistics website design agency.”

Fiona Seed
Director, Powerlogic

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