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According to Google, over 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching marketing videos to help make purchase decisions. Therefore, you need to produce quality marketing video content to help them learn about and evaluate your products and services. Leapfrog, the leading East Midlands B2B video production company has extensive experience in creating powerful testimonial videos.

From less than 60 seconds to 3 minutes or more

Whether it’s a video case study, a testimonial , product or corporate video, we can create a powerful marketing video for you that will boost and strengthen your business profile.

East Midlands B2B video production company riding the social wave…

Videos created especially for the social media platforms are gaining massively in popularity. This format is short (60 seconds or less), in a square or letterbox format, punchy and eye-catching. It features text, as very often the first viewing of a social video is done with the sound turned off or down.

As the leading East Midlands B2B video production company, our team of experts will help you produce the right marketing video for your business.

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