Advantages of hiring a B2B PR agency for B2B case studies

B2B case studies create visibility, credibility and value

You don’t define your brand, your customers do – it’s their thoughts and opinions about your brand that count.  B2B case studies provide independent validations of your company’s products or services. They show how others have used your product or service to achieve great results, so prospective clients can better understand how you can help their business. The good reviews contained within the case studies from third-party endorsements enhance your brand’s value and credibility.

Well crafted B2B case studies are persuasive sales tools for your organisation, capable of turning prospects into customers. They paint positive perceptions and deliver messages that will pay dividends in terms of goodwill, acquiring and retaining customers, as well as motivating your workforce. When it comes to purchasing decisions they play a vital role in putting your brand in front of mind.

6 benefits of hiring a B2B PR agency 

Here are six key advantages of employing a specialist B2B PR agency consultant with a track record of achieving great results to craft and distribute your case studies:

  1. Having written articles for numerous clients, consultants have a great base knowledge for making a case study compelling and overcoming case study challenges. They are highly experienced at building understanding, interest, familiarity and trust in brands through storytelling and thought leadership.
  2. They have exceptional interviewing and impeccable writing skills to produce newsworthy articles which achieve maximum press coverage in the right media.
  3. They can provide impartial, objective advice, and they have the benefit of a fresh perspective, similar to a client unfamiliar with your offerings. So will be able to write compelling articles that your clients find easy to understand.
  4. They will have the in-house creativity and experience to turn your case studies into great offline and online marketing collateral. These will help your sales team and strengthen your website and digital marketing.
  5. They have an established and powerful network of press contacts and access to subscription-based media databases and analytics software.
  6. 24/7 access to a team of highly experienced specialist B2B PR people that would be very expensive to employ on a full-time basis. Additionally, you will benefit from no recruitment fees or holiday downtime. B2B PR agencies deliver great value for money.

Does your company really need PR/Marketing agency support?

At Leapfrog we love helping B2B companies grow…

Over the years we’ve created hundreds of B2B case studies for clients and, time and time again, they have proved to be worth their weight in gold. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have testified:

“Within the first few months of Leapfrog’s materials handling PR and marketing campaign starting, we received an important sales lead. This was a direct result of one of the case studies they had written and distributed for us. The enquiry subsequently became a major order worth £275,000 underlining the value and practical importance of a strategic PR and marketing campaign.” 

Matthew Nickson, Managing Director – Axiom GB

“The very first case study Leapfrog produced for us was responsible for us winning a major contract worth over half a million pounds. Since that day, we have always invested in getting Leapfrog to write and produce powerful case studies for us in both text and video formats.

“Not only has Leapfrog consistently produced hard-hitting case studies and videos for us that powerfully illustrate our projects, but they developed a corporate identity which has been instrumental in our continued success.

“This professional, clean image underlines our credibility, giving our clients the confidence that we are a trusted partner who always delivers.

“It’s amazing, the results continue to build. We are now attracting relevant customers, not only from our home turf, but also from as far afield as the USA and the Middle East.”

Robert Brand-Smith, Managing Director – BS Handling Systems

“Leapfrog has been our PR and marketing partner for more than 12 years now. They have consistently delivered a first class service from writing case studies and press releases to email marketing and video production.”

Simon Brooks, Managing Director – HOMAG UK


Take a look at a sample of our client case studies here

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