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B2B Advertising Agency

The art of the B2B advertising strategy

Advertising via online and offline trade publications has many benefits, the most obvious of which is building brand awareness.

Good B2B trade advertising does much more, however. It gives your company credibility within your industry and speaks volumes for your financial stability as a business.

Supporting the B2B trade media has another very important benefit – it helps secure good PR opportunities for your business throughout the year.

The trick to planning a strong B2B trade advertising campaign is working with a B2B advertising agency that can design the right strategy for your objectives within the budget available.

Leapfrog Marketing has 34+ years’ experience in planning & implementing campaigns

Our aim is to give our clients value for money by creating B2B trade advertising campaigns that appear like they are investing more than they actually are doing. Leapfrog handles all aspects of the campaign from strategy, media planning and media buying to advertisement creative and production.

The campaign Leapfrog developed was focused and helped to create brand awareness and credibility for AMH Material Handling

Adrian Carter – Sales Director AMH MATERIAL HANDLING

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B2B Digital Advertising

Now, with some B2B trade publications moving to a digital only platform, new opportunities are emerging for trade advertisers.

Leapfrog is creating B2B digital adverts that include links to specific landing pages on our clients’ websites that enable us to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

Long-term, this definitive feedback will enable us to further improve the performance of B2B advertising campaigns.

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