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Attract Your Customers’ Attention with Leapfrog, the Leading B2B PR Agency in Leicester

As the leading B2B PR agency in Leicester, Leapfrog offers a unique blend of digital, print and social PR strategies designed to attract your customers’ attention and to create brand engagement.

Our campaigns typically include press releases, social media content, B2B videos, B2B media relations, case studies, email campaigns, and website content that is optimised for search engines to improve your visibility and reach online.

Blend Digital and Print PR for Maximum Impact

We understand that your customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to be informed and engaged with useful, relevant content. That’s why our B2B PR campaigns focus on providing valuable information rather than just pushing out hard-sell messages.

Leapfrog’s B2B PR services solve problems and deliver results with over 30 years’ experience. Leapfrog has a proven track record of delivering successful B2B PR campaigns for our clients. We make sure that your messages reach the right people at the right times. We also have a range of success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.

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Maximise Your Brand Reputation with a B2B PR Strategy from Leapfrog

Public relations is all about building and maintaining your company’s reputation. At Leapfrog, we specialise in helping B2B businesses develop effective B2B public relations strategies that positively influence their customers’ thoughts and opinions.

Leapfrog has been our PR and marketing partner for more than 12 years now. They have consistently delivered a first class service from writing case studies and press releases to email marketing and video production.

Simon Brooks – Managing Director HOMAG UK

Experience the Benefits of Working with a B2B PR Agency

Our approach is strategic, starting with a thorough evaluation of your industry, target markets, and competition. We then create a plan that outlines the key steps for building awareness, trust and engagement with your target audience(s).

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Get Started on Your B2B PR Strategy Today

With our expert guidance and support, you can be confident that your B2B PR campaigns will be effective and deliver the results you’re looking for.

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Maximise Your Brand Reputation with Clear, Consistent B2B PR Campaigns from Leapfrog

As a B2B PR agency, Leapfrog offers a range of creative services designed to help you build trust and attract attention from your target audience. Our skills include writing and distributing news releases, publishing case studies and blogs, creating engaging content for social media and email campaigns, and providing expert guidance on b2b crisis management.

We approached Leapfrog to handle our PR and Marketing because we were impressed with what they had achieved for other companies in our industry. From day one they took a strategic approach and built campaigns to achieve our goals.

Adrian Carter – Sales Director AMH MATERIAL HANDLING

Focus on Your Business While We Handle the Day-to-Day Media Liaison

We understand that in a competitive market, you need more than just hard-sell tactics to succeed. That’s why we focus on building relationships and providing valuable information that will engage and inform your prospects, rather than just pushing out messages and hoping for the best.

Get the Maximum Exposure for Your B2B PR Campaign with Leapfrog

With our all-inclusive B2B PR service, you can focus on running your business while we handle the day-to-day media liaison and outreach. We keep up to date with the latest media information and trends, so we ensure that your messages reach the right people at the right times.

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Demonstrate Your Expertise and Build Trust with B2B Case Studies from Leapfrog

As a B2B PR agency, Leapfrog has extensive experience in creating powerful case studies that showcase the value of your products or services. We know that case studies are an effective way to prove your credentials and build trust with your target audience.

Learn more in this article about why B2B case studies are vital.

The very first case study Leapfrog produced for us was responsible for us winning a major contract worth over half a million pounds. Since that day, we have always invested in getting Leapfrog to write and produce powerful case studies for us in both text and video formats.

Robert Brand-Smith – Managing Director BS HANDLING SYSTEMS

Reach a Wider Audience with Case Studies in Multiple Formats

A good B2B case study tells a story that engages your readers and takes them on a journey from the initial challenge to the solution, implementation, and end result. By presenting your case studies in both text and video formats, you can reach a wider audience and provide multiple points of entry for prospects to engage with your brand.

Experience the Benefits of Working with Leapfrog on Your B2B Case Studies

At Leapfrog, we have a proven track record of creating case studies that are effective in generating leads and winning new business.

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Build B2B Brand Awareness and Improve Your Website Visibility with Blogging from Leapfrog

Blogging is a powerful tool for B2B businesses, providing a platform to share valuable information and insights with your target audience. At Leapfrog, we specialise in creating professional, engaging blogs that drive traffic to your website and services.

Use B2B SEO Strategies to Increase Your Visibility in Search Results

Our blogs are designed to be useful and informative, providing valuable content that will help your customers and prospects. We also use B2B SEO strategies such as keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to improve your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing the chances that your target audience will find and engage with your content.

Experience the Benefits of Professional, Engaging Blogs for Your B2B Business

With our expert guidance and support, you can be confident that your blog will be effective in building brand awareness and driving business growth.

Learn more about the importance of B2B blogs in this article.

Find out how B2B blogs work through these case studies.

As part of our SEO campaign, Leapfrog recommended we produce long-form blogs (2000+ words).
The results have been fantastic with the blogs contributing significantly to the 64% increase in website traffic since Leapfrog began writing the blogs for us.

Sarah Tennant – Business Development Manager TOTAL COMMUNITY CARE

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