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Generate Instant Returns with B2B Google Ads

If you’re looking for an expert B2B Google Ads management company that can generate leads and reduce your cost per lead (CPL) – you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all about crafting a B2B Google Ads strategy that improves both the number of leads and the quality of customers by targeting relevant keywords, bringing you the highest intent traffic only.

By understanding your marketing metrics, we’ll identify the type of traffic you need and create data-driven strategies to reach your goals.

Whether it’s Google Search Ads, Display Ads or Shopping Ads, we’ll create a bespoke B2B campaign for your business – be that a B2B corporate or ecommerce site.


Why B2B Google Ads is important and why you need it

The most important thing to consider when optimising a search engine marketing campaign is to ensure the search keywords and search terms trigger relevant ads in SERP.

Over the last two decades Google Ads has become one of the most popular and effective online marketing tools and it’s easy to see why. With quick results and reliable returns it is seen as one of the best return-on-ads spends.

Advertisers pay a fee only when their advert is clicked by an interested party. In this way visits to your website are ‘bought’ rather than made organically. This has proved to be an extremely reliable and profitable way for both B2B and B2C businesses to drive quality Google Ads traffic to specially designed landing pages on websites.

How does B2B Google Ads work for your business?

Whether it comes in the form of Display Ads or Shopping Ads, one of the most popular methods is search engine advertising – placing ads in first-tier search engines such as Google or Bing. These Google Ads are seen in the search engine’s sponsored links at the top of the results offering great brand visibility.

Clicking on your ad drives visitors to a dedicated landing page, sending valuable traffic and generating leads to your website. Providing your landing page is suitably designed, Google Ads can deliver a wealth of useful data.

The high level of control afforded by Google Ads is one of its major advantages. If you want to start with a small budget you can. There is no minimum entry level and you specify how much your company is willing to invest each day on your adverts. However, because advertisers bid for ad positions, you are going to have to pay close to the going rate for your ad in order for it to feature on the page.

A further benefit is that Google Ads is easy to measure and track. Closely checking feedback allows you to rapidly scale up your ad spend where it’s working and reduce or even stop ad spend where it isn’t.

How to build a B2B Google Ads strategy

It is well known that in the B2B industry most buyers’ first port-of-call when researching a product or service is to use a search engine. This means that a well-crafted Google Ads campaign is an excellent way to reach these buyers, collect valuable data and convert leads into sales.

Partnering with an experienced B2B Google Ads management company like Leapfrog Marketing will enable you to build an effective Google Ads strategy, one that will provide a powerful focus to generate quality leads. The Leapfrog team is experienced in building and tracking data-driven Google Ads strategies for its B2B clients, they will help you to craft a successful strategy, one based on your goals.

Start by having a clear idea of what you wish to achieve as this will be vital to accurately measure the success of your campaign. Set realistic business goals and give yourself a time limit to achieve them.

Next, work with your chosen partner company to define your audience, your specific buyers. Knowing exactly who you want to influence will help you to define how to reach them through a Google Ads Search campaign. Identifying relevant keywords is essential to the success of your Google Ads strategy – targeting those high-value terms your buyers will be keying into the search engine to generate traffic to your website.

Once you know who your audience is and how you are going to reach them, the next stage is to create your ad campaign.

Create a compelling B2B Google Search Ad

It is important to design an advert that can’t be ignored by your target audience, one that addresses their needs and wants, and motivates them to click on your ad. You’ll need to create a compelling headline and highlight any promotions or free trials. Use the copy to emphasise the benefits of your product or services rather than the features, and incorporate credibility statements to gain trust.

It is also essential to use a definitive call to action (CTA) in your Google Ads, one that tells the user exactly what you want them to do next and encourages them to visit your landing page.

Creating a landing page for B2B Google Ads

The design of your landing page must build on your advert by matching the search query and moving the visitor closer to a purchase decision. The writing needs to be both clear and concise whilst also being relevant, delivering on any promises made in your advert copy. Naturally, you can use an existing page on your website but a specifically designed landing page will have much more impact on your conversion rates.

When a visitor arrives at the page, it is imperative that the reader can gather all of the information they expect quickly and easily; don’t make them work for it otherwise they’ll be gone. A well thought-out landing page is essential to ensure that the user clearly knows where and how to proceed.

Keeping a constant check on B2B Google Ads performance

Your ability to keep right up to date with your Google Ads campaign performance is one of the most powerful benefits of this type of advertising. Analytics from your Google Ads campaign are readily available – high level metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions. This data includes click through rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversion rates (CVR). This quality data demonstrates exactly how well your campaign is performing in terms of the type of traffic coming to your website and the direct results of those clicks.

This allows you to see exactly what you’ve spent and what you have achieved for that investment. By constantly checking campaign feedback you can fine-tune the campaign, keeping it on track with your business goals and your budget.

Reducing Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) in Google Ads

At Leapfrog, we know exactly how to reduce CPL in Google Ads for our B2B clients. Whether through carefully selecting the right search keywords and search terms, or controlling what Ads to show when the competition is high and when to avoid showing Ads at all. We have mastered the art of Google Ads for B2B.

Becoming a big fish in a small pond

When compared to other forms of advertising Google Ads is an economical option that punches significantly above its weight. By carefully targeting your audience and honing your messages you can create an influential Google Ads campaign that will generate instant, easy to measure returns.

Finding out how valuable a Google Ads campaign could be for your company is therefore not only low risk but also relatively low cost with the potential of great rewards.

Generate instant returns with Google Ads.

We had a bad experience with a previous Google Ads agency, but Leapfrog’s approach has been refreshing.
Their campaign consistently generates quality leads every month.

David Stocker – Sales Director INOTEC

Continuous Refinement, Data-Driven Optimisations

Google Ads is measurable – the data does the talking. Every metric matters. We deep-dive into the data to determine the best performing keywords, ads and ad schedule.

Armed with these insights, we strategically adjust your campaigns to focus spend that maximises results. So, all you have to do is sit back and watch your CPL decrease and get ready for growth.

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