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To provide our clients with the best solutions as a creative B2B branding agency, we have established a network of professionals in specific disciplines.

This pool of talent enables us to select the best individual for the task at hand, be it graphic design, photography or videography. Working with a select group of professionals brings a fresh and dynamic edge to our work. It keeps us on our toes and leads us down new and exciting roads.

Corporate Identity

Shield with finger print on it

Why is your company’s identity so important?

Mention ‘corporate identity,’ and logos, taglines and colours immediately spring to mind. Whilst all these are important elements, your corporate identity is so much more. It is reflected in every way your brand interacts with the world.

From visual elements such as your logo, fonts, website and office design to your sales material, the way your team answer the phone or write emails, they all have an impact on how your business is perceived.

When we asked Leapfrog to redevelop our website, we had no intention of changing our corporate identity.

Their advice to refresh our identity to reflect a more professional and yet caring business was compelling. We are so glad we took their advice the new identity has totally changed the perception of our company.

Reg Perrins – Commercial Director Total Community Care

Creating a powerful B2B identity that reflects your business soul

Whether you like it or not, you have a corporate identity, therefore it is better to create and control it rather than leave it to chance. At Leapfrog we can help you build a strong corporate B2B identity that will:

Creating a strong corporate B2B identity begins with your vision and purpose, why are you in business in the first place? Also, what are your values and culture? All these elements have to be blended together to create the right identity for your business.

Over the years, we’ve helped many clients create new corporate B2B identities that have enabled them to grow their businesses to the next level and beyond. Take a look at some of our work below:


Our Corporate Identity Needs A Refresh...

Marketing Collateral

Example Marketing Collateral

Creating a clear, consistent & coherent visual presentation

No matter what material you produce to promote your business, it is vitally important that it reflects your brand’s values, tone of voice and personality.

When marketing material uses visuals or text that conflict or are at odds with the brand’s identity and values it creates confusion and damages trust.

Our overcrowded, overloaded world

There is so much ‘noise’ in our world that you have to compete with so standing out is vital. Average is nowhere…average is boring.

A brand needs a personality, values and a tone of voice that reflect the culture of the business. Everything we design and produce for our clients is created to help set them apart from the competition.

From case studies to PowerPoint presentations, and from corporate brochures to product leaflets, we design and produce marketing collateral that helps your business stand out from the crowd.

We want a new creative approach...


Exhibition Stand Design Render

Creating Eye-catching graphics and stand designs

Exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity to talk to lots of prospects over a short period of time. Competition, however, is tough and your stand has to leap out at visitors and draw them in to talk to you.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive exhibition service including design, production and build, or just want some powerful graphics, pull-up banners or pop-up stands, we can help.

 stand design and branding for IMHX           stand design and branding for BS Handling Systems           BS Handling Exhibition Stand Design - IntraLogisteX 2023

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