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B2B Case Studies

Proving your credentials – a story of struggle to resolution

Over the years we’ve created thousands of B2B case studies for clients and, time and time again, they have proved to be worth their weight in gold.

The very first case study Leapfrog produced for us was responsible for us winning a major contract worth over half a million pounds. Since that day, we have always invested in getting Leapfrog to write and produce powerful case studies for us in both text and video formats.

Robert Brand-Smith – Managing Director BS HANDLING SYSTEMS

A good B2B case study tells a story. It describes a journey which engages people, it takes them through the entire process from the initial challenge to the solution, implementation and end result.

At a deeper level, prospects are able to picture themselves achieving similar results. The case studies build trust and credibility for your brand, communicating selling points in a ‘soft’ way via third party endorsement.

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