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Axiom's automated solution increases productivity for Lakeland

Within the first few months of Leapfrog’s materials handling PR and marketing campaign starting, we received an important sales lead. This was a direct result of one of the case studies they had written and distributed for us. The enquiry subsequently became a major order worth 275,000£ underlining the value and practical importance of a strategic PR and marketing campaign.

Matthew Nickson – Managing Director Axiom GB


As a dynamic family business, Axiom wasn’t getting recognition for the unique solutions it was designing and developing for its clients. The company wanted to take advantage of such projects and partnered with Leapfrog Marketing to create a B2B PR and marketing campaign.

The goal was to influence industry decision makers regarding Axiom’s expertise in world class pick, pack, sortation and dispatch solutions, alongside conveyors and mechanical handling systems.


Taking a step back, Leapfrog reviewed Axiom’s position in the market and recommended a strategic marketing plan that would present a consistent identity for the business, building trust, brand awareness and sales leads via a materials handling PR campaign to include:

  1. Website Development
  2. Advertising
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  4. Video Testimonials
  5. Google Ads Search (PPC)
  6. Public Relations
Axiom delivers grade A destination sorter to Cambridge Assessment

Axiom delivers grade A destination sorter to Cambridge Assessment

Axiom's Pick 'n Pack line for Unipart Vodafone

Axiom’s Pick ‘n Pack line for Unipart Vodafone


“Our philosophy is to provide total solutions embracing mechanical, electrical, automation and software engineering. We do what we say we’ll do, and we never let a client down.”

“When we met Leapfrog it was very apparent that they shared the same business values. Their professional approach convinced us that this was the right marketing company for us to forge a long-term partnership.

The design and development work they have done for our website, digital marketing, advertising, ‘leaplet’ and case studies has created a clear, consistent identity for the business.”

“When challenges arise, as they always do, Leapfrog looks to sort issues as quickly as possible and are not afraid to shoulder responsibility to make sure we get the best outcome in the long run.”

Matthew Nickson, Managing Director – AXIOM GB