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HOMAG's global headquarters in Germany

The great thing about working with Leapfrog is their positive attitude. They are always looking for ways to improve our wood processing PR and marketing campaigns. And, because we are so busy with our day job, it is reassuring to know that our partner is continually pushing the envelope. They are a thoroughly professional company with a ‘will do’ approach which makes dealing with them a pleasure.

Simon Brooks – Managing Director HOMAG UK


HOMAG UK was not getting the exposure the brand deserved. In 2009, its relationship with the incumbent agency had become stagnant and the company wanted to raise its trade profile by incorporating the latest digital marketing techniques.

With its strategic marketing approach and vast experience in B2B campaigns, Leapfrog was the ideal partner for HOMAG UK. The partnership between Homag and Leapfrog is now in its 13th year and continues to go from strength to strength.


The relationship began with a Strategic Issue Analysis to quickly gain an understanding of HOMAG’s business and markets. From this, Leapfrog formulated a marketing strategy that established regular communications with HOMAG’s existing and potential customers.

The successful campaign has developed year on year and has included:

  1. Public Relations
  2. Marketing Collateral
  3. Newsletters
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Engagement Marketing
  7. Event Marketing
  8. Video Production
  9. Trade Advertising
  10. Digital Marketing
The SAWTEQ B300- with intelliGuide - HOMAG's intelligent machine operator assistance system

The SAWTEQ B300- with intelliGuide – HOMAG’s intelligent machine operator assistance system

HOMAG CENTATEQ P210- automatic tool changer

HOMAG CENTATEQ P210- automatic tool changer


“Leapfrog Marketing totally changed our marketing, taking it to a new level of professionalism. Prior to working with us, they had no experience in our industry and yet were able to get up to speed quickly to write persuasive copy with minimal input from ourselves.

“The monthly email newsletter, HOMAG Highlights, has been a huge success. If you’d told me we’d be selling high ticket machines via the email newsletter I wouldn’t have believed you, however, that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.”

“Leapfrog’s ability to craft powerful case studies about our customers’ experiences with our machinery and software is fantastic. The relationship we have with them is one of trust and understanding. Our German parent company too has been impressed with Leapfrog’s approach and has adapted elements of the PR and marketing for its own market.”

Simon Brooks, Managing Director – HOMAG UK