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Inotec Case Study – Leapfrog Marketing

Line Marking, RFID, Asset Identification & Barcode Labels

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One of our sales team, Julian, had worked with Leapfrog when he was with his previous employer. He mentioned how good Leapfrog had been as a PR and marketing agency, and as we were looking to raise the profile of inotec in the UK market, we invited them to pitch for the business. From the outset it was clear that not only did they understand our market, but also we could trust them and rely on them to deliver.

David Stocker – Sales Director inotec UK


As a small, professional team, time was always at a premium for inotec UK. They had designed and installed some great solutions for clients in both line marking and labelling, including RFID tags and labels, asset identification, barcode and other warehouse labelling solutions. The lack of time meant they weren’t able to promote all the good work they had delivered.

In an effort to win new business inotec had embarked on a search engine optimisation programme alongside a pay per click campaign. And although the website had been redesigned, it wasn’t performing as they had hoped for.


As always, our priority was gaining an in􏰐depth understanding of inotec’s business which we achieved via our Strategic Issue Analysis. Following the analysis it became clear it was essential to raise the profile of inotec and to position the business as very much the leader in the marketplace.

To achieve this we focused on a PR campaign generating stories in both the online and print trade media. This was supported by a trade advertising campaign and the creation of B2B case studies to provide third party testimonials.

inotec GmbH's laboratory houses product development, testing and manufacturing

inotec GmbH’s laboratory houses product development, testing and manufacturing

inotec's single location racking labels increase accuracy and productivity

inotec’s single location racking labels increase accuracy and productivity

Later, we took over the management and development of both the SEO and Google Ads Search campaigns, and also introduced inotec to Lead Forensics, the global leader in website visitor identification. The successful ongoing marketing campaign includes:

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Google Ads Search Campaign
  3. Public Relations
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. B2B Case Studies
  6. B2B Email Marketing
  7. Website Development
  8. Trade Advertising


“Working with Leapfrog has opened our eyes as to what can be achieved with a strategically planned and well executed PR and marketing campaign.

“They make life easy for us by handling every aspect of the PR and marketing activity, whilst at the same time keeping us fully informed of progress via monthly meetings, contact reports and regularly updated schedules. I can whole-heartedly recommend Leapfrog if you are looking for a PR and marketing agency to help build your business.”

David Stocker, Sales Director – INOTEC UK