B2B Trade Show Checklist for Exhibitors

Exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity to talk to lots of prospects over a short period of time. Competition, however, is tough and your stand has to leap out at visitors and draw them in to talk to you. Planning to participate in a trade show or exhibition in 2023 or beyond? Read this B2B trade show checklist for exhibitors.

Advantages of Trade Show Participation

Trade shows offer targeted exposure, brand building, real-time feedback, and lead generation. They facilitate networking, idea exchange, and insights into industry trends, promoting growth and informed decision-making.

Choosing the Right Trade Show

Consider the ROI, agree a budget, and reserve stand space. Choose shows that reach your specific target audience – those professionals who are interested in your brand and who resonate with your offering.

Cost of Trade Show Participation

Finalise costs, confirm stand design and order 3-6 months before the show.

Planning for a Trade Show

Start planning 6-9 months before the event or 9-12 months if you are booking a large stand.

Factors to Consider in Designing a Trade Show Stand

Consider stand design, marketing materials, promotional items, and order stand equipment such as backdrops, banners, stand furniture and graphics. Develop print collateral such as product brochures and case studies.

Creating Eye-Catching Graphics and Stand Designs with Leapfrog

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Effective Promotion for Trade Show Participation

Create video loops, LinkedIn ads, geo-targeting ads, and an email campaign. Promote organically on social media, engage with visitors, collect contact information, and network.

Collecting Leads at Trade Shows and Maximising ROI

Choose shows with a good track record of relevant high visitor numbers. Design materials and plan pre-show marketing. Confirm stand details, train staff, set goals, finalise logistics, execute pre-show marketing and follow-ups, prepare stand materials.

Capture digital leads, encourage card exchanges, host contests and demos, and request sign-ups.

B2B Trade Show Checklist

trade show checklist template

Training and Preparation for Staff

Select and train staff 3-6 months before the event. Provide company information, goals, and ways to engage visitors. Collect contact information and follow up.

Engaging Attendees and Creating Connections

Arrive early, engage visitors, collect contacts, network, send timely follow-up emails, use digital lead capture forms, encourage exchanges, host contests, and offer demos.

Measuring Trade Show Success and Impact

In order to determine the effectiveness of a trade show, it is crucial to understand how to measure trade show success, which involves evaluating key indicators such as lead generation, sales conversions, attendee engagement, and return on investment. Survey staff, collect visitor contacts, send follow-up emails, create recap blog posts, promote on social media, use LinkedIn ads, and measure results.

Planning on Participating in B2B Trade Shows and Exhibitions?

Our team specialises in industrial B2B PR and marketing and is available to assist you in enhancing your visibility before and after the event. Get in touch with us to discover how we can support you in leaving a lasting impression at B2B trade shows and exhibitions in 2023 and beyond.

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