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Website Trends 2019

04 Feb

Website Design Trends 2019

5 Cool happenings in website development Micro-animations

1. Micro-animations

Micro-animations are designed to surprise the user. Every time you take a small action on a website and there is a specific response to it, this is a micro-animation.

Hover and scrolling animations, chimes, and much more, all help to involve the audience in your website. Micro-animations help to subtly transmit information to the users and bring things to their attention.

2. The Rule of Thumb

With mobile browsing having firmly overtaken desktop, design styles are becoming increasingly thumb-friendly. Josh Clark in his book Designing for Touch, investigates how users hold their mobile phones and how their movements, particularly those of the thumb, should be integrated into the web design process.

More and more now, users will encounter navigation tailored to the thumb, for example, the hamburger menu moved to the bottom of mobile screens.

3. Chatbots come of age

Chatbots have been with us for a while now but will move into the spotlight this year. This is mostly due to the advancements in AI and machine learning, making them more intelligent and efficient.

The new chatbots will be showing up more and more on web pages with higher WOW factors. Bright colours, animations and other attention-grabbing tools will make them not only more prominent on the page but more inviting.

4. The March of Video

Video content for the web is nothing new. It caters to an on-the-go audience who don’t have the time to scan through a lot of text.

What is new is the move Google has made toward mixed search page results, featuring video content above standard web pages. This has led websites to prioritise video production in order to make themselves easily searchable and offer content in the most efficient, shareable way.

5. Black & White Palettes

Colour is over; daring black-and-white and sepia web designs are making impressive statements.

When colour is missing, we see the world differently: textures and shapes become clearer, and the world seems noticeably slower.

White by itself is clean and calm whereas black is strong and assertive. Combine these and you get an altogether striking look.

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