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Generate Instant Returns with PPC

If you’re looking for an expert B2B PPC management company that can generate leads
and reduce your cost per lead (CPL) – you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all about crafting a PPC strategy that improves both the number of leads and the quality of customers by targeting relevant keywords, bringing you the highest intent traffic only.

By understanding your marketing metrics, we’ll identify the type of traffic you need and create data-driven strategies to reach your goals.

Whether it’s Google Search Ads, Display Ads or Shopping Ads, we’ll create a bespoke B2B campaign for your business – be that a B2B corporate or ecommerce site

We had a bad experience with a previous PPC agency, but Leapfrog’s approach has been refreshing.
Their campaign consistently generates quality leads every month.

David Stocker – Sales Director INOTEC

Continuous Refinement, Data-Driven Optimisations

PPC is measurable – the data does the talking. Every metric matters. We deep-dive into the data to determine the best performing keywords, ads and ad schedule.

Armed with these insights, we strategically adjust your campaigns to focus spend that maximises results. So, all you have to do is sit back and watch your CPL decrease and get ready for growth.

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