Yearly Archives: 2016

marketing - food not medicine

09 Dec

Marketing – Food, Not Medicine

Often, companies regard marketing strategy rather like medicine, something to be taken when things aren’t going well. If sales are missing budget, invest in some marketing and watch the leads come flooding in. Oh, if only it were like that. This...

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customer engagement

10 Oct

Is your marketing strategy fit for purpose?

Back in the 20th Century, the lead question marketers asked was “How do we reach our target audiences?” B2B customer engagement was achieved mainly via advertising and pr in trade publications, supported by direct mail and exhibitions...

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structured lead nurturing system

26 May

Is your business sleepwalking into oblivion?

Things are getting interesting. China is on the cusp of a massive property bubble that will surely burst with global consequences. Germany has a devastatingly ageing population that will crush consumer spending and the Syrian refugee crisis continues...

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EU membership

15 Mar

How will the Brexit vote affect your business?

With the vote on EU membership getting ever closer, we are going to be bombarded with scaremongering from both camps. It is important, however, not to switch off because the decision, ‘should we stay or should we go’ could be a game changer. I...

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business growth

15 Mar

Take the leap to success…where business growth is assured

This month has seen Leapfrog embark on its 30th year in business. That in itself is quite an achievement. When we started, fax machines hadn’t been invented and in most companies the typewriter was still the dominant office machine.  Bu...

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brand awareness

26 Jan

What does your business stand for?

One of the most frequent requests we get from potential clients is, "How can we improve our brand awareness and generate more sales leads?". The answer is not straight forward. Despite the increase in communication platforms, it has actually become h...

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brand identity

26 Jan

Average may be cheaper, but it costs more than excellence

Some people think that they can change the image of their business just by creating a new logo. It doesn’t work that way. A logo in itself is not a brand. A real brand identity stands for something. It has values and principles. And it stays true t...

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