B2B Digital Marketing Agency Creating useful content to attract customers…

B2B Digital Marketing Agency – it’s all about creating relevant content

When it comes to finding potential new suppliers,  research suggests that probably 60-90% of people ‘self-direct’. That is to say they seek out information about prospective companies who can supply their needs way before they actually make contact with them.

Consequently, your business has to create and distribute valuable (i.e. useful) content which these prospects can find as they ‘self-direct’.

It is especially relevant, therefore, to disseminate such information across the different digital platforms used by your potential customers. This will enable them to find it easily as they do their ‘self-directed’ research.

Is your business invisible?

If you’re not visible on the B2B digital marketing media platforms your customers use, you’re  unlikely to make their shortlist.

Your B2B digital marketing strategy will be more effective, therefore, if it includes the following:

Inbound Marketing Diagram