Case Study Woodworking Industry PR Plan For Advanced Machinery Services

“Over the last few years Leapfrog has done an excellent job of providing marketing services for Advanced Machinery Services (AMS). This year we gave them the challenge of creating a marketing campaign to promote our new series of open days.

“As usual, they’ve risen to the challenge – coming up with a design concept, a memorable name and brand, ‘WOODfest’ and an entire engagement marketing campaign to promote special offers and incentivise interested parties to attend.”

Steve McGloin Director, Advanced Machinery Services

What did the client want?

AMS was formed in late 2007 by previous directors of the famous Wadkin company. From the outset they wanted a woodworking industry PR plan to create a business that would become the envy of the UK woodworking industry.

To help them achieve their goals they approached Leapfrog with the brief to increase awareness of the brand and the company’s new Leicestershire facilities. They wanted to encourage potential customers to visit the new factory and showroom, and to maximise sales of specialist woodworking machinery, training and maintenance

What did Leapfrog do?

With in-depth experience of the UK woodworking industry, Leapfrog was able to quickly develop a strategic marketing plan for AMS. This focused on developing a clear, consistent brand voice for the business which, from the outset, gave the company a solid foundation to build its success. The campaign began with traditional advertising and PR before progressing to inbound and engagement marketing:

What were the results?

“Leapfrog’s input has been invaluable, both from a creative and a woodworking industry PR perspective. They are constantly exploring new ideas to streamline our marketing initiatives and support our sales objectives.

“The work they have done to introduce new brands such as Wadkin Bursgreen, Kentwood and Salvador has been a great success. They came up with the ‘Centre of Excellence’ name for our showroom/training facility and the WOODfest brand for our open days. Everything they do is quality; we can trust them totally which allows us to focus on our day job.”


Steve McGloin
Director, Advanced Machinery Services

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